Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's great to be back in action. My family was down for 2 weeks. Actually my wife got sick first the first week. So that left me to fend for her and the kids. Then the next week they all got sick and I had to fend for all of them. All sick. That sucked I couldn't do anything for 2 weeks creatively. My wife was a trooper though.

But I'm back now!

I just got off CB Cebulskis twitter page and so inspired. Apparently Marvel just hired an artist that did test samples for them but each time he would take in their crits and advice, thus improving each time. I finally have cleaned the sleight from all other obligations just yesterday (for now anyway) and can now focus on the sample scripts CB gave me after I met him in Seattle. Hopefully I get better each time I give him a sample. It's all a matter of really listening to what they say while staying within the sweetspot of how I do my thing. And if I need to expand that sweetspot then that's how it is.

Right now I'm looking at one particular script CB gave me and it's nothing I'm comfortable with. It's so far away from what I have done so far but I feel the need to break out of the mold. Even if it takes me away from my comfort zone and makes me look bad this is the kind of thing Marvel is doing so I have to be able to go the same route as them.

On a seperate note I just finished a double page splash that was so much fun to drawbut took me literally 2 days to put together in photoshop because of mistakes and trial and error yada yada yada. So along with that I'm post the other 2 pages along with it for The King Who Ate Men.