Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oriental heroes

Still thinking about that Dragon Tiger Gate. I had to draw something for it. The first comic book I ever bought was Oriental Heroes #5. The cover just blew me away. I had never seen anything like it before. Where American comics were using inks and press colors, Jademan was doing effects like airbrushes, dynamic colors over straight pencils-without inks on the covers. This was the attention grabber. I had to know what these characters were doing. And lo and behold they were fighting! Yes! My kind of book.

Oriental Heroes was the American version of Dragon Tiger Gate- a long running popular chinese kung fu comic. You could tell it was made in the 70's because of the style of clothes and cars and stuff. But since it was already published the American version was 2 of their issues condensed into one. Which made it a longer read at 64 pages. All of their titles at this time were doing that- Oriental Heroes, The Force of Buddhas Palm, Drunken Fist (these were drawn by Tony Wong) and Blood Sword (by the amazing Ma Wing Shing). Blood Sword Dynasty was 32 pages. But I think that was running at the same time as it was in China. Or sometime later since Blood Sword was the story about Hero, and Blood Sword Dynasty was the story about his son- Kim Hung.

Anyways here's picture of Tiger Wong- kicking, Gold Dragon (or Turbo Shek) with the scar on his face, Guy- monk dude, Red Whale- big guy with mohawk and beard, Jaws-other guy with mohawk, Fiery Fox- lower right corner, Jupiter- dude with headband at top, and Foufth Dragon Commander- next to Jupiter.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This may be a bit apremature but I feel the need to post this.
Coming soon.
Well not that soon. I got a shit loald of stuff to do. Like practice inking.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bucky Cap. I think the costume is wrong but oh well. It's the markers that I had fun with.

Ok I did this before I moved to my new place. I can't wait to set up shop here. This is Lion-o from the Thunder Cats. Still learning the basics in photoshop so it's still coming slowly.