Thursday, March 7, 2013

Andy Kaulana Serrao!

Andy Kaulana Serrao!

 It's so great to see someone you grew up with. Even more so when you know they're into the same stuff as you. For me and Andy we were always into comics and drawing. So lets go into both starting with comics. Andy was the Indy guy- he was the guy who would find the Evil Ernies and the other smaller indy titles that I would not give a second look if not for him. Me? I was the Marvel mainstream guy. I collected what was ( I thought) the best of the best. Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, pretty much all the mutant titles growing up. And we would always go back and forth between why our tastes were better, Tease each other and it was just about the smack talk and jib and seeing if we can come up with something clever to rip at. He was the guy who could see the efforts of certain creators and applaud them and get behind them. While I felt, they had to be as good as Jim Lee or as good as Joe Mad or they had no place in the industry, boy how time changes everything.

Jumpimg onto the next order of business- drawing! We were both artists growing up. And one thing about artists is we have huge egos. Huge. So if you tell us our work sucks thems fighting words. And me and Andy weren't affraid to speak our minds to each other about it. See we knew we were cut from the same cloth and if anybody had the right to tell us anything about our art it had better been someone who understands what it takes to make a piece of art.  And because we were already ripping each other on our taste in comics why stop there? Let's just continue ripping each others artstyles. And we did. All. The. Time.

But I miss that stuff. That friendly competition. The back and forth jabs at each other. Those times we spent at the drawing table goofing around but also being very productive. That energy around the drawing table where it's all jokes and razzing and talks about who's tougher Lobo or Blood Shot. Or even what different pencils or brushes we were using and why this works better than that and why this one is better but this one is cheaper and all that. When you grow up and you have your own family all that stuff really pulls you away from all that. Especially for me- I work out of my house and also the fact that I'm the only artist in about a hundred mile radius.

But I got to see him this trip. And it all came back! ALL OF IT! And it was great.

We met up on Saturday with both our wives. So we go to the convention floor and it's like we're 15 again. He shows me his Fanboys vs Zombies cover done of him as a zombie by Jerry Gaylord- sick! And it's my birthday so he buys one for me- Jerry Gaylord is done in like 2 minutes- sick. Then we head over to the Valiant Booth where we meet up with Stefano Guadiano doing covers there too and we end up chatting him up which was awesome all the while we're ripping each other. Mind you we both have 2 covers each that Stefano has to draw and I want a portfolio review so we're having a pretty lengthy conversation with Stefano who was just an incredibly great person to converse with.Especially when you are ripping at your best friend hahahaha.

Sunday evening we do dinner at his house and there it is. The drawing table. Stocked with paper, drawing stuff and a shitload of prisma markers. Oh it's on. Now it's like 1992 again. We both have our covers done by Stefano and are both saying why our is better. He has blank covers for Thunderbolts that he wants me to draw on. He's breaking out all his new toys, old comics, new pens and what not. He even got out his Marvel Cards Series 1 Set WITH Holograms! And an extra Magneto hologram- another birthday gift to me.

All in all I had the most fun here. With the guy I always have the most fun with. Andy Kaulana Serrao. I'm so getting you back for that gay ass picture you drew of the alien with the pink and purple panties with my name on it!

Emerald City Comicon 2013

Boy was this trip fun! We did a lot! My wife and I did a lot! Mostly touristy stuff, Harbor cruise on the Argosy, The Underground Tour, The EMP, The Space Needle, Ride the Ducks, and so much other stuff I can't remember right now. But the main reason we were there was for the convention. I've only gone to ECC but I still think it's a great con. This is my 3rd time going and every time it just gets bigger and bigger. Saturday was crazy, maybe a bit too crowded for my taste but overall it was great

So much things to blog about. So rather than going off on a particular subject I figure I'll just decompress and list all the things I wanted to touch on as far as being a freelancer from my point of view.

 And here's the list

Soul mate- how my wife completes me- without being all mushy and gooey gross.

Crits- when it's good and when it's bad.

Ebb and Flow- comics up and down.

You want it one way but it's the other- The mind is a battlefield, and sometimes we are our own worst enemy- as creators.