Saturday, May 5, 2012

Artists sometimes feel overlooked

An article running at CBR about artist being overlooked has me really peeved. Here is the article

It does annoy me that artists just don't get the credit they deserve. All the hooplah about this writer and that writer really does cast a huge shadow on the efforts of the artists. I'm always on word balloon and listening and I get it. I really get it.Having tried my hand at writing I know how hard it is to just write. I have a story that one day I will write- but that is a specific story. I couldn't take over a project and just put my mindset into that project to tell a story. It really isn't a skill I possess. And having worked alongside other writers I am impressed at the amount of ideas they have in their heads just waiting to be executed.

But back to the artist- If the artist is really really good- guess who is going to get all the credit for the project being a huge success? Watchmen is the perfect example. Dave Gibbons has as much to do with it being what it is as Alan Moore. If it were an artist who couldn't tell the story the way Dave Gibbons did or the fans just hated his style maybe it wouldn't be as big a success.  My point is an artist can really make or break a project. But when it's successful they'll probably be the first one forgotten.

Sometimes as an artist we see things that frankly just can't work. And I've been in situations where I'm trying to make it work so I contact the writer and it's like you're insulting their genius to suggest there may "perhaps" be an "error" in the script that doesn't work. So their response is usually 'shut up and get back to work you can't understand the genius in my work because you are beneath it' but they say it in a much more politically correct way that leaves me frustrated.

Sometimes they have something scripted and the artist may see something better and throws that in.

NOW I must say the writer for my webcomic spy6teen is awesome. If I suggest something he is on it and he is the first to point out anything extra I do. Tim Simmons is an excellent writer- he's an artists writer if there is such a term.

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