Thursday, March 7, 2013

Emerald City Comicon 2013

Boy was this trip fun! We did a lot! My wife and I did a lot! Mostly touristy stuff, Harbor cruise on the Argosy, The Underground Tour, The EMP, The Space Needle, Ride the Ducks, and so much other stuff I can't remember right now. But the main reason we were there was for the convention. I've only gone to ECC but I still think it's a great con. This is my 3rd time going and every time it just gets bigger and bigger. Saturday was crazy, maybe a bit too crowded for my taste but overall it was great

So much things to blog about. So rather than going off on a particular subject I figure I'll just decompress and list all the things I wanted to touch on as far as being a freelancer from my point of view.

 And here's the list

Soul mate- how my wife completes me- without being all mushy and gooey gross.

Crits- when it's good and when it's bad.

Ebb and Flow- comics up and down.

You want it one way but it's the other- The mind is a battlefield, and sometimes we are our own worst enemy- as creators.

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