Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emerald City Comicon

Ok so I'm going to my first comic convention next week at Emerald Citycon in Seattle. So I decided I want to do some samples and let some people in the industry have at it and truly gauge myself in terms of readiness. Why Emerald City? Because I have a brother who lives there. I live in Hawaii. I'm not used to travelling outside Hawaii. And then there's cost. It cost me 1100 bucks for me and my wife to fly there. SO my plane fare and room is taken of and my brother offered to be our taxi. Yay! For once in my life I get to be the tourist. I'm used to seeing tourists around town and now I'm gonna be one.

Well honestly I wanted to do a portfolio review. But later on I find out Marvel and DC don't do reviews there, they only do em at the bigger shows. I was so pissed! And that is truly a struggle for the people out there in the world who don't live on the continent of the US. There is the internet again but then if you're not savvy with it (LIKE ME) it won't get you very far.

SO the whole idea of me getting on a plane to go to a con was to jockey for a job. Then I find out I can't. I either have to go to San Diego or New York where they do portfolio reviews.



And of course I find this out after I buy the tickets. But oh well. What can you do about it. So I decide I'm still gonna do the 5 page samples. One for DC and one for Marvel.

In the next few installments I'll walk through the whole process from start to finish.

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