Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This was the first project I took seriously and actually finished. Man if I could take that first panel and apply some basic perspective there I'd be a little happier about it. But oh well live and learn. And I did. This was a 12 page anthology written by Howard Wong called The Knight and the Samurai Sword. I did pencils and inks. I know the inks are hard to look at. I'm still learning the whole concept of translating pencils and the inks are heavy handed.

The upside to this whole story was that I found out that Steve Leialoha was a relative to my wife. He's a cousin to my wifes grandmother. I met him at their family reunion in 2007, he was doing drawings and sketches for all the kids. At that point I was introduced, I knew who he was from his work at Marvel. Long story short, we met up at a Starbucks in Hilo, a few months later, while he was on vacation. He took the time out to look at my work and give me tips and advice on how to go about what I needed to improve on. I started this journey in late 2004 and the biggest boost I got was on that meeting. Alot of things I needed to know he brought to light for me. I hope one day I can meet up with him again. Just to say thanks.

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