Thursday, March 5, 2009

Midnight Studios

2005 was a tough year for me. I was working as a plumber daytime and trying to draw at night. But the job was too much for me. It took too much out of me. But I was still very new to the whole comix thing. At that time I had made Midnightstudios my home. It was a small little community where I had met some good people. Brant Fowler, Howard Wong, and Niels Van Eekelen. I had done a whole bunch of pin-ups, sketches, concept designs, character designs, and all the stuff you don't see in comics. It takes place first, then the sequentials go off of everything you create there for consistency.
It wasn't sequentials which is what you need. But it was still good because I was learning and growing. Learning about drawing, but more importantly learning how long the whole process took, especially when working off the internet.

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