Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So I started with the Marvel submission since I was a Marvel zombie growing up. I knew the characters and the stories and such.

I didn't even bother sketching or warming up. I just went straight to layouts. Here's the 5 pages laid out.

At this point I decided I wanted to do Cap and some female character in a one page talking scene, escalate on the next page and the next 3 would be a consecutive action sequence that hangs off the pages before and after it.

At this point I haven't even decided who the female character was yet but I could just as easy plug in pretty much any character there. I decided I'd use Dr. Doom, who would turn out to be a Doombot.

So on page one, panel one I have my establishing shot, could be anywhere, any big city in the US but it's probably New York since I'm using Cap.

Panel 2- I'm singling out that one building that hopefully stands a bit more prominently then the rest when I get to the finished pencils.

Panel 3 the female lead enters her office with what looks to be Cap, or Steve Rogers waiting for an appointment. Why? Who knows.

Panel 4- Your coffee Mr Rogers.

Panel 5- Thank you mam.

Panel 6- Phone rings

Panel 7- Hello

Page 2 easy- P1- It's a bomb! Or something. P2 Get down! KABOOM! P3 Ok hot female office lady is a super heroine in disguise!

Page 3- Voila! Dr Doom and he's come to destroy the entire world- you first Captain America-

Page 4- But before that happens super hero girl decides she wants to kick Dr Dooms arse. But actually she can't, because he's impervious to pain! Or just numb

Page 5- So it's up to our Start spangled avenger to finish the job! And the reason he's impervious to pain or numb is because he's actually a doombot.
Last panel- Are you ok Miss (whatever your name is).

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